How to Choose a TV Stand

New furniture can transform the interior of your home into something wonderful and new because you can take any space and improve it with the right pieces. You might have received or purchased a new flat-screen TV over the holidays and now you need a TV stand that fits it and the style of your home.

newport series tv stand

The Newport Series is a luxurious piece of furniture and made to stand out. It can be used in a corner or against a wall. It would go well in a contemporary or modern home.


The first thing to consider is the height of the TV stand. TV stands come in a variety of heights. They can be tall or very short and everything in-between. Height matters whether you plan to set the TV on the stand or if you plan to mount it. Regardless of where you put it, the center of your TV should be at about eye level for someone sitting on the sofa, and high enough that your coffee table won’t obscure the bottom of the screen. Because not all sofas are the same height either, and not all TVs are the same size, coordinating all three can be a bit tricky. Mounting the TV directly to the wall can ensure the center will be right at eye level but presents the problem of having too much empty space (or not enough) between the top of the TV stand and the bottom of the TV.


SR series tv stand

SR Series - a design that will command your attention when you see it in any home.


Width matters as well. Obviously a very narrow stand is going to look terrible with a much wider TV, but especially with a very large TV, it’s important to strike a good balance between the width of the TV and the stand. If the TV stand is too narrow, the TV will look off-balance, but if it’s too wide, it can make the TV look smaller than it is. And if they’re exactly the same width, you can wind up with a setup that looks incredibly square. The best layout combines a stand that’s just slightly wider than the TV, which gives the whole thing a nice sense of balance.

One of the great things about furniture is the endless amount of possibilities you have in terms of style. There are so many options available, meaning you can find pieces that speak to you and your personal sense of style. You can find furniture that is to your taste so that you can create a space that is special to you. Furniture allows you to personalize a room and will help make it both comfortable and nice. Every person is unique and your home should be a representation of you, and thanks to the different styles and materials that are available, you can select pieces that appeal to your personal preferences. Going home to a space you love will change your lifestyle drastically because you will enjoy the environment a lot more and will want to spend a lot of time in all the different rooms in your house.