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From the first time recorded music was made, people have been striving to improve sound quality.

At PLATEAU Corporation, we have contributed to this search for excellent sound and are ready to help you experience the difference by provide Quality TV Equipment. 

Our stands are deliberately designed to enable every listener to hear music the way it was intended: uninterrupted, beautiful and clear.

No matter what your taste - no matter what room you are in - PLATEAU has a stand for you.


  • Make sure to measure the dimensions of your speakers (width, height, & depth). You do not want to choose a stand that is too low, or one that does not have a large enough top plate to hold the speaker.
  • The speaker stand you choose should have isolation pads on the top plate to form a rigid bond under the speaker, creating crisper sound with minimal vibration.
  • Your speaker stand should have feet or isolation pads on its base to isolate the stand on the floor. This will stabilize your speakers and prevent subtle vibrations from destroying musical detail.
  • Wire management keeps the wires organized and well-hidden.
  • The ideal height of the Loudspeaker and Speaker Stand should place the tweeter at ear level when you are seated in a listening position.  This height is typically 40" - 45" high (ie if your speaker is 20" tall, the proper speaker stand would be 20" - 25" in height).

Our component racks offer you the ability to customize your setup using the audio and video components you choose!

Durable and versatile - PLATEAU components will help improve your overall sound quality and allow you the versatility to expand and change your system easily and efficiently.


  • Make sure to measure the height of your components. You do not want a component rack that is unable to accommodate the height of your audio receiver, Bluray player etc.
  • Your rack system should have adjustable leveling feet for isolation to stabilize your rack from vibration, as well as addressing uneven household floors.

It is important that you choose the right speaker stand or component rack to ensure that you will be hearing the best sound quality.

All of our products are designed to be flexible and strong, and we have something to meet everyone’s needs.

Now that you are more familiar with the factors you need to address, click on a link below to instantly view our product line-up, specifications, or to locate your nearest Authorized PLATEAU Dealer.