Protect Your Investment

In the last few years, personal electronics have undergone major transformations. Everyone is now binge-watching their favorite series on more sophisticated flat-screen TV’s. Streaming services keep even the most demanding movie buff up-to-date, and digital technology has changed how we listen to music.

But your media system is more than just a collection of electronic devices. It’s more important than ever that the furniture that houses your system is built to protect your investment for years to come. 

The A/V racks of today are stylish and functional pieces of furniture. Your media furniture sets the stage for home entertainment, and there is a wealth of wonderful designs to choose from. As the focal point of the living room, the furniture you choose should speak to your personal style. Modern? Classic? Transitional? Retro? Don't compromise on design; select a style that you love.

LSX-A - a premium furniture design, offering a fusion of style and functionality.

It’s important to determine the space that you need to store your system. Take stock of your electronics, including speakers, cable box, streaming devices, Blu-Ray, etc. Leave room for future add-ons and allow space for media storage. Smaller components can be stacked, while items that give off a lot of heat - like gaming consoles and amps - should stand alone.

LSX-T - The unit offers adjustable inside shelf height (3 settings), with grill cloth doors.

Whether you decide to keep your components out on display or hidden discreetly behind doors, they need to remain remote control accessible. Tinted glass, louvered and perforated doors allow remote signals to pass through unobstructed. If selecting solid doors, then adding an IR-repeater ensures that your remote is always in touch.

Electronic cables can result in messy entanglements and disorganized clutter. Choose a unit with built-in cable management.

SRV-65 - Cable management to hide wires and cables.