Shipping & Returns



PLATEAU will keep all your information completely private and will not provide information to any third parties. See below for more information.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.


We do not allow cancellation of orders pre-ship at this time. Our goal is to ship orders as soon as possible upon receipt. For this reason, once an order has been submitted, it cannot be canceled. If an error is made, we need you to accept the package and request a return authorization to return the package (if our return policy below allows) for a refund. Please be sure that you want to make the purchase before submitting the order. Orders refused at delivery will be assessed all of the applicable fees including a return fee, our shipping costs and a 25% restocking fee. 


We require a valid day-time phone number, so our Freight Carriers can contact you to schedule delivery.

All items sold shipped “Free Shipping” to the continental U.S. and Canada - with a built in shipping charge based on weight.  We use UPS and FedEx for small package items, and Common Freight Carriers for larger items that ship on a pallet.  Orders are processed in 24 – 48 hours, and ship from Buffalo, NY.  If there is an unexpected delay or if any item is on back order, we will email you with updated information.

All freight deliveries are delivered curbside (no inside deliveries). If the destination address is to a remote / hard to access area - or if you request additional services from the Freight Carrier - these fees are your responsibility and are not covered in your “Free Shipping” (see above). You may be billed at a later date if you request or accept any additional services.


Fully inspect all deliveries before signing the receipt even if you do not plan on opening the carton right away.


 *Failure to note any issues or damage on the Freight Company paperwork you sign will invalidate any damage claim issues.

If you see any issues, you must record on the paperwork what you see.  Examples:

-Box has been punctured, are holes in the box

-Parts are sticking out

-Corner or side has been crushed (ie, looks like dropped)

-Skid is broken

-Box is ripped + open

-Box has been taped up

-Box is wet

                -Open the carton & inspect while the Driver is present (as the contents may be okay)

Please note not to delay the stated delivery date of your unit (to avoid Freight Carrier storage & re-delivery charges).  

If there is extensive damage to any portion of your delivery, you may refuse the damaged item or items, again, indicating the areas of damage to the box and items on the receipt before the Driver leaves.

This process is CRITICAL to ensure that if there is any damage, we will be able to replace affected parts at no additional charge. Our models are shipped unassembled as parts, so if there are damaged or defective parts, our policy is to send the affected parts to remedy all damage or defective issues.  Failure to document exterior package damage or any visible physical damage to the item(s) at the time of delivery may result in additional charges to replace or repair your part item(s).

SCAN the Freight Carriers receipt paperwork you signed (with noted issues) to: Office Manager / 519-629-3088



We offer a full return on damaged items, with the procedures in the Delivery and Damaged Shipments Section followed.   We will replace any parts that are damaged (if applicable) or defective, based on sending photos of the affected parts.  We do not take returns for buyer’s remorse.  If a shipment is refused or returned without our issuance of a Return Authorization (RA) or without a RA #, there will be an additional 30% restocking fee  applied.  We will be unable to refund your cost of the original shipping if you decide that you do not want the order after it has already been submitted. Orders refused at delivery will not be refunded, and assessed an additional 25% restocking charge and shipping charges. As mentioned, if your order arrives damaged, please follow the procedure outlined above. We will not accept returns on damaged items if we have not been contacted first.